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Antique 1912 Drawing of Dog

Antique 1912 Drawing of Dog

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Signed: Leah Dykes 1912, "To LeLa. From Leah". Original drawing of a dog, matted with a southwestern material. Simple wood frame. Writing on back reads: "Ed & I found this picture in the attic on RedBud. The paper is so old it crumbles. I did this to preserve the drawing. 11-5-04. Hope someone enjoys it after I am gone. BHeffington. 93 years old now!." This picture is glued to the matte but does have the original backing inside frame. This drawing in 2023 is 111 years old. It does have a few holes (see pictures). Used in good condition. Shipping may be different than at check-out. See our shipping policies for more information. 

Size: 15.25" x 12.25", Sight: Approx 9x8"

Weight: 1.12 pounds

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