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Chikaramachi Demitasse Vintage Cup

Chikaramachi Demitasse Vintage Cup

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Mark: CHIKARAMACHI (early Noritake) w/crown and wreath, Hand painted Made in Japan. Beautiful floral design in orange, blue, green, and gold gilding. The red crown and wreath were used by the Noritake factory on Chikaramachi Street in Nagoya, Japan. The company began exporting porcelain dinnerware in 1914. "Made in Japan" was added to the mark around 1908. The Chikaramachi crown mark was registered in 1928 and used for several years. The company became Noritake in 1981. No chips, cracks, crazing. Used in excellent condition. Shipping may be different than at check-out. See our shipping policies for more information. 

Size: 2.25" x 2 1/8"

Weight: .5 ounce


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